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100 Happy Days - Week 07


Last one of these posts for the year. I didn't quite make it to 100, but whatever. It's still fun looking back and remembering all the great adventures I had this year. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my adventures. Hopefully I'll write more in 2015.

+ I went to my first haunted house. Naive, I thought it would fun. Then I realized that I'm actually a scaredy cat. Still it was a fun experience and at least I didn't go through it alone. It's good to have friends that you can hold onto for dear life.

+ Had a late night boba run. Reminds me of my old college days.

+ The company had it's yearly event and took us all to Napa for a day at Castello di Amorosa. We got a tour of the castle, wine tasting, and a scavenger hunt.

+ We also had a team building event. Got to go rock climbing and put my life in the hands of my co-worker. Nothing like building bonds over the possibility of falling to your death!

+ They put up a real Christmas tree at work. Made it really festive!

+ I did a paint night with a friend. I really do enjoy painting. I just wish I was better at it. 

+ Hubs treated me out to sushi at one of my fave places, Mikuni. Their sushi is really tasty and they're created unique rolls that have individual flavors.

+ I love breakfast/brunch. I took hubs to try this new place called "Bacon and Butter". The food was amazing, but I couldn't get over the fact that it was run by a bunch of hipsters.

+ We made a 2nd trip to Vegas this year. I feel like this place is my 2nd home now. I really love Vegas during Christmas because of all the decorations.

100 Happy Days - Week 06


+ Hubs and I went local wine tasting. We discovered this cute winery house in our own backyard. Now we don't have to drive all the way to Napa for some great tasting wine.

+ Celebrating a co-worker's baby's 7 month birthday - random! But who doesn't love homemade cupcakes?

+ Speaking of birthdays, this year hubs went all out for my birthday and surprised me with a trip to Napa/Calistoga. One our first day we ate at Morimoto's and now I'm in love with the place. The most delicious chirashi I've ever had!

+ I had my first ever mud bath for my birthday. My skin was smooth like a baby's bottom!

+ We had some very yummy treats for Halloween at work. This one was my favorite, creamy white chocolate filling with peanut butter. Yum!!

+ We attended two weddings in one day! It was crazy, but we made it. Congrats to the newly married couples! I hope there'll be more weddings in 2015.

+ My girl here did another Nike's Half Marathon!

+ Sometimes it's just fun to goof off at work.

100 Happy Days - Week 05

This summer sure has flown by, but I'm glad I got to have so much fun. Instead of worrying about the future, I tried to enjoy the little moments of life - enjoying the company of friends, good food, and the hubs. Hope you guys have had a great summer too!

+ I got to go kayaking as part of a bachelorette party. It was super fun to go out on the water. Kayaking is a tough workout, but it's also fun to just chill on the kayak. I think next summer I'll try to make a point to go more often.

+ I snagged a cute cupcake to take home for the hubs!

+ Hubs never buys me flowers because he doesn't believe in them so I don't know what happened to change his mind. He bought me some "just because" flowers. I was so shocked!! Even after being together for 5+ years there are still surprises around the corner.

+ I have fallen in love with figs.

+ Had the blessed opportunity to attend another wedding over the summer. It was a beautiful and fun ceremony by Tahoe Lake. I never thought I'd be one to cry at weddings, but I did!

+ Another sweet for my sweet!

+ This summer we didn't do many froyo nights, but we got one in at least! Sometimes a cup of froyo and good company is all you need to unwind.

+ Sometimes work serves these organic ice cream by Three Twins. They're really yummy and a great treat. I love their chocolate flavor, but really they're all good!

+ A 2nd bouquet of flowers?! I'm insanely spoiled! Hubs got me flowers for my birthday.

A Yelper's Recommendation for Sacramento

This is part of my 10 Day You challenge, 6 places. I thought I would share 6 places to eat in Sacramento. Whenever I tell people that I'm an Elite Yelper, the first thing they always ask me is what my favorite restaurant is. That's sort of a loaded question to ask a Yelper.

As a Yelper I do know a lot of popular places, but what I like might not be what you like. So I'll generally respond to this question by asking what the person's favorite food is and then respond with a place that is reputable for that cuisine or dish.

If you ever visit or live in Sacramento, here are some places that I would recommend.

The Firehouse Restaurant
I recently discovered this place. Hubs and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary here. We got their course meal which was amazing and a great way to try several of their dishes. Since we made reservations they gave us the best seat in the house which was intimate and had the perfect ambience. Their mousse bomb dessert is a must try here!

Yui Marlu
This year has really been all about the chirashi for me. Whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant I'll be more than likely to get a chirashi bowl. Yui Marlu has the best chirashi in Sacramento that I've had so far. The chef is a true artist and the fish is fresh! It's also a hole in the wall but I don't care. I'm here for the food. DROOL!

So can you tell that I like Japanese food? It's definitely one of my top 3 favorite cuisines. This is a modern and chic take on sushi. The rolls here are definitely unique. I love their combinations. If you're up for trying something new I would check out this place. Try their Sunshine Roll.

Café Rolle
Casual French lunch. That's the best way I can describe this place. They have really good smoked salmon. I love all their sandwiches. The food really makes you feel like you're in a street cafe in France. They bake their baguettes and smoke their salmon in house!

Tower Cafe
Best brunch place hands down! All the items on their menu are good. Omellete, fresh toast, egg benny, etc. I recommend the Madame Cristo. It's amazing! I've never had it anywhere else. The decor here is a little cooky too.

Ramen House Ryujin
Hubs loves ramen so we were trying to find a good ramen place up in Sacramento that would satisfy his cravings. While it's not even close to as good as the ones in the Bay Area, Ryujin is pretty good. I love their Kuro Tonkotsu which is the black garlic ramen.

100 Happy Days - Week 04

The fun continues! I've been having lots of adventures this summer, and it's been really awesome. One of the best summers of my adulthood! So I'm sort of cheating in this challenge. I'm just sharing some pics that remind me of how happy/lucky I am. Enjoy! 

+ My first Yelp event of the summer. Crawdads River Cantina hosted a party on their amazing deck. Although it was a little chilly, the party atmosphere was definitely there. We had some delicious food! Plus I got my Yelp beach towel!

+ I got a new job! Exciting stuff~ Plus I get free catered food twice a week. #spoiled #gettingfat

+ Finally got to try CREAM. It's a cookie ice cream sandwich and they're all over NorCal. Definitely a must try if you're visiting. I got the snickerdoodle + turtle cookie + green tea ice cream.

+ I had two summer weddings to attend this year. I had a fun shopping excursion with my partner in crime. I scored two cute dresses. Plus they were something a little out of my comfort zone in terms of color.

+ I secretly love wrapping presents - OCD. These were some of the wedding presents we were giving. Such pretty wrapping!

+ Hubs and I had a mini date while we were in Half Moon Bay. Had a really delicious dish, crabby cheesy bread. DROOL! I love going on spontaneous dates with hubs.

+  Speaking of food, I finally checked out the annual Garlic Festival in Gilroy. It was awesome! I even got to try some garlic ice cream. I didn't think it was bad, kind of edible.

+ Don't you just love when you GPS takes you on a scenic detour? Hubs and I somehow ended taking the long was home back to Sacramento from SF. Felt like such tourists going across the Golden Gate Bridge.

+ Work treated us out to lunch at Mikuni's - it's a popular upscale sushi chain restaurant in the Sacramento area. I tried their chirashi. The sashimi was really fresh.

10 Day You Challenge - 8 Fears

Heh, so I realized I never finished doing this challenge. I'll just pick up where I left off. Maybe one of my fears is having to finish this post. Haha just kidding.

1. Eyeballs. They're really just fine as they are, but I have a fear of poking my eyeballs out.
2. Being out somewhere without my phone or wallet. I get mini panic attacks if I don't have at least one of the two with me.
3. Getting snuck up on. I scare easily, which my close friends can attest to.
4. Tickles. Tickle attacks are the worst.
5. Birds. They fly and they attack you. Sometimes they'll even poop on you.
6. Driving in the dark. I'm a fine driver. I just mean if I had to drive on an unlit road in the middle of nowhere. That'd be scary!
7. Electricity. Yes, I've been electrocuted before and it's not fun.
8. Spam. I just delete it from my email but I'm suspicious.

100 Happy Days - Week 03

Herro readers! Thank you to those who still read this blog. I know I haven't given you guys much to follow lately. Leave it to me to get lazy. Although it's not because I'm lazy but rather tired at the end of the day. I've been doing yoga after work and by the time I come home I still need to cook dinner and do things around the house. My summer vegetable garden is really taking off but that means I need to spend almost everyday picking and pruning.

Recently hubs and I just got back from a vacation. If you follow my instagram you'd know where I went! I'll be sharing info about our vacation soon. For now, let's look back on some happy days!

+ We went on a double day with another couple to a local vineyard! You can read about it here. I would love to do some more wine tasting this summer.

+ Our other friends went on a trip to Oregon and brought back some Voodoo donuts for us. What a treat! I got the bubble gum donut. Really yummy~

+ I saw this cute tutorial at Michael's and wanted to try making this for myself. It's a cupcake dishcloth.

+ On a random weekday hubs and I went to try a new sushi place. Really beautiful chirashi! I'm currently obsessed with chirashi and get it wherever I can.

+ I love my yoga clothes. Wish I could wear them all day every day!

+ After a 4 hour bike ride with the hubs I got this tan line. Ew.

+ Took hubs' mom out for Mother's Day to dim sum. Got some egg tarts, my favorite!

+ Received a goody in the mail from People magazine. I'll post a review of the items soon. I received it as a klout perk.

+ Had lunch with my mom and got some chirashi. Noms~

100 Happy Days - Week 02

Okay, so I'm a little behind on posting these. Slowly but surely I'll get through these 100 days!! I think if I could all my pictures would be from my backyard. It's just so easy to take pictures of my plants. Anyways, happy viewing!

+ For a while I was on this wine obsession. I was mostly just buying the cheapest wines I could find. This one is Oak Leaf and it's about $2 from Walmart.

+ I have a blueberry plant that I bought last year. This is the first year that it's blooming for me. I was so happy to see so many little berries. I love blueberries!!

+ I started some veggie seedling in a used egg carton. Can't wait to be eating my own home grown veggies and grilling them.

+ My persimmon tree was blooming too but I didn't know it at first. They kind of bloom in a weird way. First it's a noticeable cluster of leaves then small green bulbs form, and then finally it'll have a flower. So weird!

+ Found this free printable and thought it would be cute to put in the bedroom. Just a reminder to be happy and be grateful.

+ I made those 1000 stars back in high school. My wish was to meet a guy who would love me and help me grow. Wish granted!

+ I bought another Golden Tote. Hehe, just a little treat for myself. I like the Cali bag and the items I got were awesome. More pics on those soon and maybe a review.

+ The dessert from our anniversary dinner. Best mousse bomb ever! I also really love when restaurants write messages like that on the dessert, really makes it that much more special.

+ I recently won a giveaway for The Artwerks. I used my gift to get a new colorful necklace. Great for spring and summer!!

That concludes the 2nd week. Have you started the challenge? It's not too late!

100 Happy Days - Week 01


One week has passed since I started this challenge! You can read all about it here. I thought it would be a little tough to remember to take a picture every day, but so far it's going well. Just one thing that makes me happy each day. Really makes me look at the little things in life and just to be grateful for what/who I have in my life.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

one. Hubs and I attended a Yelp event at the Capital Dime. I love when I get to bring hubs along to these events. It's like sharing with him something I enjoy doing. Although this event wasn't the greatest, it was a nice break from our regular schedule.

two. My current fave nail polish/color. Orchid is the Pantone color for 2014!

three. Hubs had a ton of points on his Dave & Buster's card so on a whim we went. It happened to be raining hard that day and there also happened to be a tornado warning in that particular area. I took a look at the prizes and I immediately knew I wanted this. Thank you hubby!! I named him Bubs.

four. I love artichokes. Hubs has an aversion to them, but I found this yummy grilled recipe and now hubs is ok with eating them. Goes really well with some homemade garlic aioli sauce!

five. Relaxed on a Friday evening playing some Hearthstone. It's a good nice when my wins outnumber my losses.

six. When I have time, I really enjoy making breakfast on Saturdays. This particular Saturday I decided to make pancakes for hubs because he loves pancakes. I made banana flavored dark chocolate chip pancakes for him. He loved it! Success!

seven. I made a small trip to Lowe's. I was actually looking for some citronella plants but they were out of stock. Instead I discovered this lovely plant. I never knew what fuschia looked like. It's so pretty! So I bought myself 1 for the backyard.

eight. Tazo's chocolate mint tea is a treat. Sometimes a good cup of tea is all you need.

nine. Spring is here!! After the rain went away I took a look around my garden. The peaches are growing very well. There's a sense of pride from growing your own food.

That concludes the first week. Have you started the challenge? It's not too late!

100 Happy Days Challenge


I know I'm usually bad at photo challenges, but this one was really appealing to me. Snap a picture each day of something that made you happy. Sounds pretty easy. There's got to be lots of things that make me happy!

Did you know that only 71% of people who tried this challenge failed? What?!

We live in times when super-buy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, is the base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being.

These people that failed simply did not have the time to be happy, do you?

How? Every day submit a picture of what made you happy!

It can be anything from a meet-up with a friend to a very tasty cake in the nearby coffee place, from a feeling of being at home after a hard day to a favor you did for a stranger. You can share via facebook, twitter, or instagram with #100HAPPYDAYS.

I will be posting my pics on instagram and you can follow me here. About every week I'll post the pictures on here with a little more explanation etc. I hope you'll join me and be happy!

Sign up at!