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100 Happy Days - Week 07


Last one of these posts for the year. I didn't quite make it to 100, but whatever. It's still fun looking back and remembering all the great adventures I had this year. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my adventures. Hopefully I'll write more in 2015.

+ I went to my first haunted house. Naive, I thought it would fun. Then I realized that I'm actually a scaredy cat. Still it was a fun experience and at least I didn't go through it alone. It's good to have friends that you can hold onto for dear life.

+ Had a late night boba run. Reminds me of my old college days.

+ The company had it's yearly event and took us all to Napa for a day at Castello di Amorosa. We got a tour of the castle, wine tasting, and a scavenger hunt.

+ We also had a team building event. Got to go rock climbing and put my life in the hands of my co-worker. Nothing like building bonds over the possibility of falling to your death!

+ They put up a real Christmas tree at work. Made it really festive!

+ I did a paint night with a friend. I really do enjoy painting. I just wish I was better at it. 

+ Hubs treated me out to sushi at one of my fave places, Mikuni. Their sushi is really tasty and they're created unique rolls that have individual flavors.

+ I love breakfast/brunch. I took hubs to try this new place called "Bacon and Butter". The food was amazing, but I couldn't get over the fact that it was run by a bunch of hipsters.

+ We made a 2nd trip to Vegas this year. I feel like this place is my 2nd home now. I really love Vegas during Christmas because of all the decorations.

100 Happy Days - Week 06


+ Hubs and I went local wine tasting. We discovered this cute winery house in our own backyard. Now we don't have to drive all the way to Napa for some great tasting wine.

+ Celebrating a co-worker's baby's 7 month birthday - random! But who doesn't love homemade cupcakes?

+ Speaking of birthdays, this year hubs went all out for my birthday and surprised me with a trip to Napa/Calistoga. One our first day we ate at Morimoto's and now I'm in love with the place. The most delicious chirashi I've ever had!

+ I had my first ever mud bath for my birthday. My skin was smooth like a baby's bottom!

+ We had some very yummy treats for Halloween at work. This one was my favorite, creamy white chocolate filling with peanut butter. Yum!!

+ We attended two weddings in one day! It was crazy, but we made it. Congrats to the newly married couples! I hope there'll be more weddings in 2015.

+ My girl here did another Nike's Half Marathon!

+ Sometimes it's just fun to goof off at work.