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How to Start a Blog

Thinking of starting a blog? In today's modern technology world, most every one already has some inkling of how to start a blog. But, maybe you're looking for some insider tips. Whether you want to blog about your life or make extra income, a blog can be a fun hobby. 

I started this blog in November 2011. 
I've blogged about a variety of things from my life, product reviews, giveaway, travelling to how to's. I've really enjoyed writing about things and it's been a really good creative outlet for me. Also, I've met some pretty cool people along the way. 

Step 1 - Choose a Blogging Platform
As you can see, I'm using Blogger which is owned by Google. I've tried many blogging platforms in the past - Xanga, LiveJournal, WordPress, etc. My decision to use Blogger was simple. The User Interface (UI) is very user friendly. Layouts are easy to design and manipulate. I'm not good with scripting some I need something fairly dummy proof. Since it's owned by Google, everything is linked to my Google account which made things very easy for me. 

I know there are people that swear by WordPress. I may try it out someday.

Step 2 - Complete Your Blog
Want more traffic to your blog? Make sure it's complete. Get a fancy layout. Don't know how to script? Etsy sells awesome layouts at a variety of price points. Generally they come with tutorials on how to install them too! Also remember to link up your social media write and "about me" page. 

Step 3 - Start Writing
Yes, start writing. Your blog needs content that's why people are visiting your site in the first place. Knowing what to write may not come easy. Finding your niche takes time. My best advice it to write about whatever interests you. Monitor your traffic and see what people like. 

Optional - Buy a Domain
Other people might say that this is a necessity. Well, if you're new to the blogging game, this might be an investment you can wait on. I don't see a need to get a domain until you have a lot of advertisers and visitors to your site. Generally if people really like your blog, they'll bookmark it and won't really need to remember your url anyways.

What do you think? Any questions?